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Framing change in organisations

The Oxford/Paris partnership combines the extensive experience of both institutions and their networks of experts in tackling the human dimension of organisations.

This partnership provides you with an opportunity to join a  world-class programme which draws on the research, teaching and practitioner strengths of two leading global business schools.

Four key programme objectives

  • Enhance your capacity for critical thinking and reflective practice
  • Broaden your repertoire and strengthen your ability to deploy a range of intervention approaches
  • Develop your self-awareness and adapt your change leadership to different modes of change
  • Handle new or difficult social situations creatively and with confidence

How you will achieve these objectives

Enhancing your capacity for critical thinking

The programme adopts a range of learning approaches, creating high quality conversations through different learning spaces that are designed to enable you to share stories, questions, insights, practices and experiences. You will be encouraged to challenge, debate and think differently!

Theoretically informed and practically grounded, Consulting and Coaching for Change will equip you to deal with different facets of change in organisations, and the challenges they pose.

Widening your approaches

The approach is multidisciplinary, linking the social sciences and management theory to practical situations and drawing upon relevant concepts from psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and more. The broadness and richness of new knowledge, ideas and insights will strengthen your ability to deploy a range of intervention approaches.

Developing outstanding change leadership

While themes around change agency run through the whole programme, an entire module is dedicated to learning and reflecting on leading and managing change. You will be encouraged to question preconceived ideas about leadership, and to explore alternative frameworks and practices, looking at leadership systemically and in context. You will gain understanding about the impact of individuals on social systems, and become more adaptable within the constantly changing environment in which you operate.

A creative approach to your change challenges

If you are a change agent, this programme will transform your thinking, and behavior. You will start to see change through different lenses, acquiring stronger anchorage to enable you to handle new or difficult social situations creatively and sensitively. And through peer coaching, you will be able to build your self-awareness and gain more confidence.


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An intellectually rigorous change management programme that will provide you with new insights and development possibilities.

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Gerald Karsenti, VP and General Manager, Sales, Enterprise Business, HP

"I learnt so much about the capabilities of people and how to interpret the human factor when managing them. I know I am managing differently now.”

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