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Learning methods

To encourage you to think differently

Enrich your theoretical background and develop a wider repertoire of intervention approaches 

Drawing on the social sciences, the theoretical background is reinforced by the use of peer consultation and plenary debate in relation to your own case examples. Real life is evident in the classroom through accounts given by academics, practitioners and participants of their personal experience.

The focus is on the nature of change interventions: participants examine the nature of intervention through cases, conversations and group exercises. With tutors, you will explore your personal experiences of managing change, coaching and consulting, and develop a practically focused research project which acts as part of the learning journey, helping you to make sense of your work context and experiment with new approaches.

A continuous learning experience

The programme adopts a range of learning approaches, creating high quality conversations through different learning spaces that are designed to enable you to share questions, stories, insights, practices and experiences.

Throughout the programme you will belong to different learning groups to reflect, share views and support each other in the development of reflective practice. This includes working in a coaching trio with fellow participants to build your self-awareness as a change agent.

The taught sessions are made up of theoretical input, group work and plenary debate. You will also be required to write a reflective essay in between each module; this provides you with the opportunity to process the learnings in greater depth and enhance your knowledge through further reading.

See change through multiple lenses

The approach is multidisciplinary, linking the social sciences and management theory to practical situations. You will think differently as you draw upon relevant concepts from psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and more.

Learning methods

Share your questions, stories, insights, practices and experiences with like-minded peers 

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Susan Goldsworthy, Founder, Goldswolf

"The first session gives you a whole smorgasbord of tools and techniques. And as you’re learning it, you’re applying it, so it is very practical. There was a huge breadth and depth of topics, with recognised speakers and experts.

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