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Innovate in your organisational interventions

This programme will give you a theoretically informed and practically grounded approach to dealing with change in organisations. Its multidisciplinary content will broaden your repertoire as a change agent. The emphasis on critical thinking enables you to adjust your approach to specific situations.

Benefits for the individual

  • Provides change actors with increased self-awareness, a capacity to better understand the organisations in which they work, as well as a sense of the implications of changes in the wider environment.
  • Stimulating and challenging experiences based on interactive learning sessions and conversations with leading thinkers and reflective practitioners from around the world.
  • Provides a space for reflection and serious study away from the day-to-day work pressures. As a change agent, you will return to your organisation able to leverage change more effectively.
  • Intercultural experience - participants are drawn from all around the world, and a wide range of roles and sectors. This provides you with the opportunity to develop relationships with a a rich global network of talented professionals.
  • Participants who successfully complete the study programme are awarded an Oxford/HEC certificate to confirm attendance and completion of all 6 taught modules.
  • The research dissertation is an opportunity gain deeper knowledge, practical insights and understanding, through specialised reading and field work.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Participants complete the programme with an awareness of how 'the big picture' connects with the detail, and are able to make thoughtful interventions in organisational change.
  • Through courageous conversations and theoretical grounding a better developed, better equipped change practitioner will emerge to provide more innovative approaches within the organisation.
  • Through both institutions, access to up-to-date research and reflection, which can be applied to participants' own organisations.
  • The supervised dissertation process. This enables the organisation to benefit from applying current research and thinking on change to their own projects or to client organisations within which participants are working. 

You will widen your perspectives and develop a new network of change leaders

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