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Passionate about change

Our participants are highly experienced in a range of different professional roles; these can be human resources, finance, strategy, communication, general management, or consultancy. Within the group all sectors are represented: private, public and NGOs, bringing talented actors of change together to learn from, and challenge each other.

Is this the "right" programme for you?

Are you a change practioner? Do you want to spend time on serious reflection, analysis and study, developing your vision of organisational behaviour and change management through an improved understanding of the human factor?

Are you ready to commit yourself to serious study? Your level of commitment must be high: you will undertake work between modules, as well as working on an individual project throughout the programme. You must be prepared to be fully involved in the programme: your engagement with the programme and the group as a whole is of fundamental importance.

Are you passionate about change management? You will become part of an international group of like-minded change practitioners - who are genuinely engaged in the field of change management, and have a common conviction that change can only be achieved through people.

Who attends?

Participants of the current classroom:

  • Average age: 43
  • Average professional experience: 20 years
  • Average management experience: 15 years
  • Number of nationalities: 18

For those who appreciate that change can only be achieved through people.

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Recent participants

Recent participants attending Consulting and Coaching for Change have included:

* Chairman of the Board and CEO, Coca Cola, Germany

* Chief Learning Officer, Sun Microsystems, France

* Country Director, Mercy Corp, Middle East

* Director of Human Resources, Datacraft Asia Ltd, Singapore

* Foreign Service Officer, US Dept of State, UK

* Head of Process Improvement Unit, UNESCO, India

* IT Change and Governance Manager, Pepsico

* Physician, Private Practice, France

* Regional Head of Legal and Compliance, Standard Chartered, Indonesia

* Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, US

* Senior Vice President, ING, Netherlands

* VP Organisational Development, Deutsche Telekom, Germany

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