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Alumni networks

Expand your global community

The Consulting and Coaching for Change (CCC) programme provides a forum in which to create and establish life-long professional and personal connections. You will form these within your own cohort, however there are further opportunities through the CCC alumni network, and the the wider alumni networks of both institutions.

Graduates gain automatic membership to the two exclusive alumni communities, as well as having the opportunity to join the alumni network set up by CCC graduates.

HEC Alumni Association

The HEC Executive Master’s degree gives admission to the HEC Alumni Association. Founded in 1883, the Association is open to all HEC graduates. Members gain privileged access to the Association’s 50,000 graduates and receive regular updates from the network as well as access to HEC events. 

Oxford Business Alumni

The Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) was established in 1998 in order to build a world class business and management network for the Saïd Business School and Oxford’s collegiate univeristy. Joining the OBA network provides access to the network directory, an invaluable tool for networking with organisations throughout the world, and the opportunity to attend high profile events both in Oxford and internationally.

The Change Leaders

The Change Leaders is a professional network of change practioners who are Consulting and Coaching for Change alumni or faculty. This provides a great opportunity to continue the learning of the programme, and to share this experience with those from other programme groups.

Alumni networks

Enhance your capacity for critical thinking and reflective practice

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Mick Yates, Director of International Expansion Group, Dunnhumby

“The Consulting and Coaching for Change Programme gave me new thinking and new networks. I became one of the founders of a community of practice called The Change Leaders, which now has about 60 members from the different course cohorts, and is all built about the world of change. We meet once or twice a year.”

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